"Sharisa" by Laila Payton
  Sharisa is the girl you said you said you like. Sharisa is the girl who saw me riding on your bike. Sharisa is the one who¬†you tried to play me with. Sharisa is the one who made me sick! Thinking you was her man, when she was about 2 see my hand. Messing around about 2 get tossed.Talkin that stuff and not walkin that walk. So I ask you today, do you want it Sharisa's or my way.

"I Wonder" by Tiarra Renee Lester
Do you wonder? I wonder. Do you want to know what I wonder? I don't know why I wonder. Do you want to kow what I wonder about? I wonder about: good things, bad things, happy things, sad things. I don't know why I wonder, I just do!

"I Hate You" by Jatan Jenkins
I hate that you said you loved me. I hate it that I said it back. I hate that I even meant it. Boy I love you. I was in love with you. You were in love with me. I told myself and I told you as well, that I will never love you again. Why? Because my heart is broken and my eyes are all out of tears. I can't cry no more and I won't. But everytime I think of you I'm crying over and over again. Not physically, but emotionally. I love you too much. "K" You wil always have my heart. That's why I hate you!

"The Hood" by Candis Gray
What's good in the hood? Little boys and girls in the street Popin' their butts and harlem shakin' Older ones doing drugs and gangbanging Do you think the hood is good? I mean what's up with the hood? Babymomma's yelling at their kids they can't control while waiting on the baby daddies to make parole But are you any better to judge Writing letters to your baby daddy in jail cause he was in these same streets raising hell and the stuff he was doing he can't even make bail They tell the kids to reach for the stars Do your best be courageous Well, this hood is fun, but it's dangerous All while we're with our homies trying to be cool trying to be fly and walking with the same stride We need to be trying to save our lives Now you tell me is the hood really that good?

"Unrelated" by William Smith
I don't know what to do Someone let me out this zoo Feel unrelated Feel so, so hated No one likes me They try to fight me They all despise me They all are hating It's something I see If you were me then you'd see what my life is like It's dark as night If you don't like me then that's you It's nothing new With my friend at my side I will reside How do you feel inside?

"Jealousy" by Ebony Higgins
I'm tired of this Jealousy Why are you looking at me funny? You talk about me when I leave I wish you all would stop judging me I know it gets to ya'll because: I'm pretty, thick, diva walk, long hair, nice clothes but girls get out my face you are dismissed

"Me Just Me" by Calvin Scott
I know somebody that will catch a flying bullet Yeah, just for me He will take the blame for something I did Just for me Man, he will take his bare hands and put them in a pool of piranhas Just for me Plus, he will help me to my feet when I am down Do you want to know who this person is...it's me!

"Boys" by Ticara Williams
Beacon is beacon Egg is egg Don't let those boys get between your legs They might say you're fine, but nine months later they'll say "it ain't mine"

"September Days" by Paris Spalding
September days The wind is crisp and the leaves are falling I hear the school bells ringing It's back to school time No more playing Gotta be there for the first day You might be mad, but get glad for the September days After school there are no more rules, so play the night away But the last day come September 30th, oh so sad Now it's time to say goodbye until next year to these September days

"Love is Passionate..." by Mariah Monzon
Love is passionate It is like a star in the sky Love is a rose blossoming in the spring Love is something you can see, but can never seem to touch Love is so strong that when a person is lost you seem to cry That is why love is passionate

"It Takes More Than a Wish" by Whitney McMorris
It takes more than a wish to catch a fish You take the hook You add the bait and then you wait, you wait, you wait, but there's not a bite cause the fish don't have an appetite So tell them what good bait you've got and how your bait can hit the spot So you've got a hit Now you see how to catch a fish

"Poetry Don't Have to Rhyme" by Mahoghony Mills
You were such a cheering person in each and every way, but even though you are gone we still think about you everyday We are so sad that we have to say goodbye, but we know you're not dead we know you're still alive We'll see you soon and it'll be a big surprise cause grandma said poetry don't have to rhyme Dedicated to A.P. (Alvin Percy Holmes)

"Love" by Equarion Gills
Love is something that you do not what you say Love is about caring Love makes you feel like you're flying away What is love?

"If" by Laila Payton
If you love me today, I'll love you tomorrow If you love me right now, I'll love you forever Roses are red, violets are blue I wrote this poem to show how much I love you Dedicated to my loving father: Matthew Payton

"Stupid Cupid" by Maria Young
There once was a cat named Stupid Cupid He was stupid and everybody knew He burped without saying excuse me That is why he called Stupid Cupid

"My Closet" by Johnathon Barnes
Dirty, messy full of dust Clean it up, It's a must Yesterday's pizza lying around Shirts on the floor, jeans on the ground It's all in my closet Now where's my shoe?


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