Chyanne Shanice Franklin
  Murder is: Mindless, Uncalled for, Reckless, Depressing, Embarrassment, and Relentless. Yet murder continues....

Malachi Grubbs
  Woke up at eight "oh no" I overslept. I ran for the bus but the bus had left. I ran to school I was really buzzed but then I forgot where my classroom was. Finally found it opened the door the teacher turned into a dinosaur. The dinosaur roared "sit down at your desk, pick up your pencil cause we're having a test." All the kids were starring sitting in their rows. I looked down, I had forgotten clothes. The dinosaur frowned started to shake turned into my mom who was trying to wake me. "Hey sleepy head Tommy's here to play. Why aren't you up it Saturday?"

Malcolm Grubbs
  I am too small. I like to walk in the hall. My brother is too tall. He doesn't like to run at all.

Tianna Lee
  I Am.... I am loving and caring I love to dance and do hair I wish to become a millionaire I hope to run my own business one day I am loving and caring I dreamed to be a pediatrician I dislike the word hate I like eating restaurant food

Cynthia Brown
  Reality of life Sometimes you have to walk that path where people can't understand what's really going on This is a mysterious world where many don't blend in. You got them friends in your life where you can't stand but then you go that one girl who thinks she got men whose tying to play her and she just can't understand. Little did she know she just needs a friend. Many don't realize how life begins All they think about is life going to an end. This is a cold world. This world can't even be proven half as good. People are dying everyday, some trying to give their life away. That girl just got raped but you trying to call her a runaway. Sometimes all I could do is just pray because people don't quite give you the time of day. I try not to sleep my life away. I just hope someday people come together as one union instead of abusing the communion and come together to have a big reunion. I guess it's called Facing Reality.

Carvell Garrett
  What I think about education Education is the key to education and the key to being successful. When you have success you have to achieve it. When you achieve it you have to believe it. When you believe it you live with it. There is success hanging out there you just have to be willing to take that chance. You make the change. You make the call. Time is running out. You're out of time. My energy is like a just keeps on running.

Malik Grubbs
  Once upon a time not long ago I woke up on the wrong on wrong side of the bed. I got up put on my clothes then I was late for school.


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