Low Down Dirty Liars
  My friend introduced me to her new man He's a thug He looked like he should be somewhere doing a snap shot He was hot A real man's man or so she thought You see, he was one of those brother's labeled as being on the "dl" One of the ones you look at and can't even tell One who still loves the ladies so he figures all is well So he continues on with his charade He won't march with the gay parade Even though it was with another male he laid last night You feel me, right? But he doesn't associate with being gay He says it's just a way to release his frustration The relaxation for his mind A way to unwind But he feels he's not one of their kind He feels that he's not gay because he doesn't act the way they do He considers being gay to be a sin And he feels that all gays are soft and feminine and full of estrogen But he is gay whether he likes it or not He's just not one of the ones that are easy to spot He's not one of the ones with vaseline on their lips who talk with their hands on their hips He's not one of the ones that glide or sashay and when they talk they say "okay" He's not one of the ones that like diamonds and pearls and end every sentence with the word "girl" You see, he's not like them He's a thug He doesn't hug He gives you a nod of his head while he secretly takes other males to bed Ladies for your own good please be cautious cause you never know If your Joe Blow is letting some other male suck his so and so He could secretly be a man hoe and you'd never...even...know... He could be flossing Riding around in a Lexus But at the same time steady messing with both sexes and while he's out here trying to bone ya He could be walking around with pneumonia Wondering where he got it from Steady playing dumb Knowing it's from those nights of getting some and shooting cum into the bum of another brother without a rubber A complication of a messed up situation that could end with a visitation... to the grave

Flip The Script
  The game has been reversed. I just thought you should know. No longer will I be a prize or just a trophy for show. I refuse to be added to your sorry collection No longer will I fight to receive your affection. Thanks to you I am now strong. All you ever did was treat me wrong. Now I am in charge, I am the captain. The way things are now are far from how they had been. Get on board for my adventure. It's time to play my game. Things are now in my favor. The odds are not the same. The image is reversed like looking in a mirror and now things for me are so much clearer. So for anybody who feels they're getting gypped. Take my advice and flip the script

Laugh Now, Cry Later...A window to my soul
  Take a deep dark look at me and tell me what you see. Can you see the times I've cried and have been filled with misery? My eyes act as a window, a window to my soul. They show the times I've dealt with things and when I've lost control It seems as if you're looking in, but I can not see out. Over and over again I just wanted to give up and shout. So much that you put me through. There were days that I resented you, but all of that is in the past because I will have the last laugh. So go on and laugh now cause I vow that you will...cry later!


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